Do brands have a place in social media?

September 3, 2010

The era of social media is upon us. And brands need to embrace it.

Social media isn’t a craze. It’s fundamentally changing the way consumers interact with brands and therefore brands need to involve themselves or face being left on the sidelines. Traditional forms of mass communication are losing their hold over formerly captive audiences and brands need to find new ways to engage their consumers.

Social media increases brand transparency, allowing consumers to pursue an honest relationship with a brand’s true ethos. Brands that stand for something and have a strong message to deliver will flourish in the social media environment where trust is an essential commodity.  This message needs to motivate people to act.  Brands which do this can connect in a direct manner with millions of people in a short time period through the vast number of digital connections that exist in social media.

By allowing consumers to interact with their brand, which Isaiah Mustafa demonstrated when he responded to Twitter comments directly via personalised videos, Old Spice amassed nearly 35.7million individual views on YouTube for their ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Campaign’.  Old Spice has shown that social media gives any brand the chance to use creativity to inspire and subsequently foster a community of consumers.


One Response to “Do brands have a place in social media?”

  1. […] becoming the year of daring social media moves by retro brands. Having spoken previously about Old Spice’s bold initiative, Tipp-ex is quick to follow suit, by harnessing the vigour of YouTube to bring it […]

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