Retro brands become social media savvy…

September 6, 2010

2010 is rapidly becoming the year of daring social media moves by retro brands. Having spoken previously about Old Spice’s bold initiative, Tipp-ex is quick to follow suit, by harnessing the vigour of YouTube to bring it back from dusty desk drawers.

Tipp-ex’s latest campaign features a video of a hunter caught in the dilemma of whether to shoot a bear or not. Having decided not to, he grabs a Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse and amends the video to ‘A hunter ____ a bear‘, before inviting the viewer to fill in the blank with their choice of verb.

The campaign is logically signed: Tipp-Ex®, white and rewrite.

Here are a few suggestions of what to fill in the blank with: eats; watches TV with; swims with; moonwalks with; shows his ass to; is shot by; smokes with; hugs; plays football with; and the rude one which you’re probably thinking of – yes they do that too. Apparently, more than 50 different endings can actually be discovered. Well that’s my entertainment for the evening sorted, only another 40 to go…

If you haven’t seen the Tipp-Ex campaign yet, you can check it out on the Tipp-Ex’s Branded Channel.


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