Julius Von Bismarck reconstructs reality. honestly.

September 10, 2010

Photography is frequently used more and more as a substitute for reality and for such apparent accuracy, that the adage; “The camera does not lie” has become somehwat of a cliché. But what happens when someone has invented a way to manipulate what seems to be always a certified truth. Read on to see how Julius Von Bismarck keeps the past present..

The first ‘gun-like’ version of the inconspicuous Fulgurator.

This young German artist/inventor uses ‘new media’ – a mixture of old and new technology – to create some provoking images, highlights the ease at which our perception and representation of reality can be reconstructed, often to our downfall.

His most recent invention, the ‘image fulgurator‘, a sort of anti-camera furtively projects images and embeds them into other people’s photographs. How you might ask?.. I actually can’t answer that. In fact, you’re probably much better off watching the video below.

Check out Julius Von Bismark’s other work here.

Von Bismarck’s attack on our belief in the truth of photography communicates to me, that we spend too much time behind the camera and not enough time experiencing the world we snap pictures of. The stunt showed how technology can alter something which seems to always be a certified truth and consequently how people need to be more aware, and maybe sceptical of supposed realities.



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