Marmite-mad lovers are dedicated with a Monumite.

October 19, 2010

I recently joined the Marmite fan group on facebook, firstly because I wanted to do a bit of research on how brands use Facebook as a medium (for my current intern position) and secondly (and this is probably the main reason) because I will proudly admit that I am addicted to stuff. I literally love it.

Marmite is an example of one brand that has jumped on the social media revolution, launching their spoof Love/Hate campaign on YouTube.

The Love Party’s victory manifesto pledged to dedicate a shrine where Marmite worshipers could spread the love, which is exactly what they did. A marmite jar-shaped ‘monumite’ now stands in the hometown of Marmite.


This campaign heightened Marmite’s brand transparency, as they laid themselves bare to be loved or hated, allowing consumers to pursue an honest relationship with Marmite’s true ethos. By making consumers vote in the spoof election, Marmite motivated people to act and consequently connected with consumers in a direct manner.

Checking in at the Monumite also taps into the growing trend of converting real places into digital interaction. With the ability to use Facebook places and contend with othersto become the ‘mayor’ on Foresquare, Marmite really encourages people to make a ‘pilgrimage’ to the site. Mobiles are the devices that make social media so compelling to use, and this therefore adds another engaging element into Marmite’s campaign. Once at the site, visitors can download unique content about the history of their favourite breakfast spread to their mobiles via Bluetooth technology. A reward for those who have made the journey to the land of Marmite-mad lovers.

(The content celebrates Marmite and Burton’s history and heritage and includes: a beautiful digital flythrough of pictures from the Marmite archive, this will later incorporate Marmite love notes from fans; a quirky animation illustrating how Marmite is made; a podcast telling the story of Marmite and Burton from Marmite’s Master Blender, St John Skelton; and wider tourism information about the local area)

Every brand needs to remain relevant in the eye’s of the consumer, even Marmite, a brand which is not only iconic, but also the yeast extract market leader. By tapping into digital platforms, a space where consumers are choosing to interact, Marmite are creating experiences for consumers, which engage them rather than simply broadcasting mass-market messages.


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