Another great idea from China.

October 26, 2010

China has a great idea for solving its growing car and congestion problem, whilst helping the environment too. The idea is to build a “straddling bus” that makes use of the space above cars and below bridges. Vehicles can pass underneath because the bus arches over the road. It will reduce traffic jams not only because of its efficient use of space, but because it can take approximately 1200 people at any one time. Powered by electricity and solar energy it’s a much greener alternative to a gas-burning, carbon dioxide producing car.

The Straddling Bus


One Response to “Another great idea from China.”

  1. Mo Says:

    I’ve been looking at the nitty gritty of this development as to economic development in China and it seems to be cost effective. It makes viable financial sense as they say by using the space between regular-size cars and bridges, they will be saving construction costs. Although i’d like to see you parallel park that monster truck Lexi 🙂

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