Digital and the need for creativity.

November 11, 2010

Digital is a two-way medium and itʼs open to everyone, making it participatory rather than passively consumed. The majority of traditional advertising has shouted its way to our attention from its protected position, now consumers have the ability to shout back.

Brands must offer experiences which enrich peopleʼs lives, provide stories that they can involve themselves in and offer rewards for those investing time with them. The core creative philosophies of advertising are still relevant, creating powerful ideas that touch the human psyche, consequently creating content worth sharing. Technology is just the medium by which we now do this.

The best ads have always left a gap for the consumer to fill in, interacting with the brand as they solve it. This principle is still fundamental but its scale has been magnified. Digital interaction involves igniting a conversation that needs constant fueling.

Content is king, but creativity is god.


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