iPhone, apps and the possibility of branded utility.

November 21, 2010

2007, when Apple launched the iPhone has led to a world of helpful brands in your pocket.

The iPhone altered the desk-centric process that has existed previously to produce the ʻconstant nowʼ. Your smartphone is always on you, it knows where you are through GPS and its always connected. It knows what you think from twitter, how far youʼve run from Nike+ and your music preferences from Last.fm.

Over 3billion apps have since been downloaded from the iTunes store. Using apps on smartphones makes content so compelling to share. Most tweets come from mobiles via the Twitter app. If people had to go to home to tweet, most wouldnʼt bother.

Smartphones have caused a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour, it is no longer a niche channel but a place where people are choosing to interact. The smartphone has fundamentally changed how we consume the internet, as it bridges the virtual and the real world, producing an augmented reality for users.

This provides a unique opportunity for branded content. Platforms like IBM’s ‘Seer’ Wimbledon utility and innovations like Fiat eco:Drive are all pointing towards advertising as a service. As the expansion of iPhone apps continues, brands can began to provide and offer consumers with utilities that benefit and impact consumers on a regular, everyday basis. Take the Trainline app, Jamie Oliver’s 20 minute recipes and Absolut Vodka’s Drinkspiration cocktail app as just a few great examples.

However, brands may feel this pressure to improve consumer’s lives as a burden but in reality it is an exciting opportunity. Rather than simply cluttering the world with more ad messages, brands have the ability to make a difference, in a relevant way. They can create engaging experiences for people which simultaneously enrich people’s lives. What could be more worthwhile?


2 Responses to “iPhone, apps and the possibility of branded utility.”

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