The Digital Music Scene; is there a future?

November 29, 2010

Digital is creating a more profitable and exciting music scene. Record companies are losing control and the artists that create the content and those who provide the ability to discover content are now commanding more of the music industry landscape than ever before. Artists can promote themselves, whether it’s Lilly Allen through MySpace, or Bieber Fever via YouTube and Twitter without much expense.

Justin Bieber "My World"

Justin Bieber "My World"

“Bieber Fever” has infected a global fan base of teens and tweens who worship him with an infatuated lust. Online, the video for his song Baby is YouTube’s third most viewed of all time. And over 6 million ‘Beliebers’ (yes, even his fans have a nickname) watch for messages from the Biebs on Twitter, even if it’s simply an update on his latest power nap. The outcome of this Biebermania. Concrete evidence of the Internet’s commercial might.

I think the evolution of social platforms, and more importantly the transfer of music through mobiles will be the greatest asset of the music industry. It has exploded the ability to share. People have the ability to discover and familiarise themselves with more new music, on demand and free, than you could listen to in a lifetime, through sites like Spotify and and the recent launch of Ping on iTunes. Creators can now connect seamlessly with their consumers and as a result, the middleman is quickly being extinguished.


One Response to “The Digital Music Scene; is there a future?”

  1. Mo Says:

    Ive always been an advocate of the influence that the digital world will have on the Music Industry. I dont know if your aware of the band Angel and Airwaves (American Rock Group formed by Tom Delonge of Blink 182). Well they basically offered their Album for free on Modlife ( Platrform for musicians. All they asked were for contributions or donations which was voluntary. Love – The album recieved up to a million downloads and for a band who’s interest is music and not commercial success it has opened a whole new audience for them!

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