Mobile Advertising

March 4, 2011

The interactivity of digital combined with the mobility of mobile mixed with the emotion of TV, is this the future of advertising?

Apple’s iAds have drawn attention to the potential for immersive mobile advertising within apps, rather than redirecting users to a browser window. Clicking on an iAd will take up the screen using HTML5, allowing you to explore the ad. By allowing people to interact with an ad, iAds have the potential to me much more influential.

AXE launched its first iAd with its latest campaign, which allows you to engage with the AXE angels through swiping, touching and shaking your iPhone. This is a great example of branded content.

Here’s an example by GE Ecomagination that is more educationally driven. Entitled “Simple Harmony” the campaign focuses on helping people, nature and industry coexist in harmony. It requires you to interact to learn about the GE innovations that can help make the world a better place. The lyrics are pretty catchy too.


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