Sunday morning breaking breakfast news

September 18, 2011

Everyone loves a bowl of cereal with ice cold milk, whether it’s to kick start the morning, for a tasty snack or maybe a late-night craving (and if you’re disagreeing with me right now, I don’t think we can be friends).

Since 1998, Kellogg’s has set up more than 500 breakfast clubs providing more than one million breakfasts each year, and this year they are launching their first cause-related marketing campaign for Cornflakes, to further support their ‘Breakfast Club Trust’ initiative.

The Help Give a Child a Breakfast Campaign will run on 7 million packs of Kellogg’s Cornflakes from October, with 3p from every pack sold donated to its Breakfast Club Trust charity initiative which supports school breakfast clubs.

The campaign will hit TV, radio and OOH media and a website and digital activity will also boost the campaign, aided through Kelloggs partnership with Netmums.

I think cause-related marketing is a great idea as brands should definitely be offering more value to their consumers. This idea by Kelloggs is relevant, educational and a worthwhile cause and if it boosts their sales, well then that’s great as it means they can donate more to their good cause. The only negative in my opinion is that the promotion is only running on cornflakes. I guess it is one of their ‘healthy’ cereals, but who really eats it without loading it with spoonfuls of sugar? It would be great to see them go the whole way and get it on their coco pops, crunchy nut, frosties, fruit n fibre, honey loops, just right, etc.. imagine all the pennies the Breakfast Club Trust would get from that!


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