The rise of Social TV

November 15, 2011

As the tremendous amount of research now available about the amount of ‘multitasking’ and ‘dual-screen’ TV viewing habits, especially with the younger digital generation continues to rise – social TV is emerging as something beyond an experiment for advertisers. The latest entrance into the social TV space is an iPad app called ‘Umami’, which uses audio fingerprinting technology to automatically and continuously sync to live and time-shifted programming from 40 major broadcast and cable networks. The app offers an array of info related to the show being viewed, including bios, photos, news and social media conversation. Shazam has gone one step further than Umami as it allows viewers to purchase products featured on shows from their mobile phone. Consumers will be promoted to ‘shazam’ where they will then be served relevant products, such as fashion brands seen during the show or merchandise form the programme. This service is currently only available on specific NBCUniversal TV shows in the US but it is an exciting move for fostering a more engagine relationship with TV viewers.


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