And the X Factor 2011 winner is…

December 8, 2011

And the X Factor 2011 winner is…  according to Google that is!

HMV recently predicted that Amelia Lily would be the 2011 X Factor winner, and they even went as far as listing “Amelia Lily X Factor 2011 Winner’s Single” as “coming soon”.

Although after some thought they retracted their prediction and have instead claimed it was an accidental technical issue. They had in fact created dummy pages for all three finalist acts but mistakenly only uploaded Amelia Lily’s. But, what if you could actually predict the winner of X Factor – well here’s my attempt using a simple thing called ‘Google Insights’.

The graph (below) shows the interest over the last 90 days for the final three acts.

As you can see Amelia Lily is following HMV predictions as she has had the most interest over time – however Little Mix has surged after last week’s show which saw Mischa B exit the competition. Amelia-Lily begins to spike again, which I would probably put down to HMV winner’s single so-called mistake.

So, lets have a look at the UK monthly searches. The table below shows searches for each contestant both on desktop and laptops, as well as mobile. Amelia Lily just pips Little Mix to the post, and she also has a significantly greater share of mobile search.

So, what next? I know – social media.

All three have substantial present on both Facebook and Twitter. Marcus has generated the most followers on Twitter but Amelia-Lily is hot on his heels. Little Mix dominates Facebook, although Amelia Lily had an unofficial page which has generated over 45,000 likes (more than her own fan page) – so regarding social media, they are all in with a similar chance of winning the lucrative X Factor final winner title.

So using all this data I (personally) predict that Amelia Lily will be the X Factor winner if everyone that’s searching for her on the web picks up the phone and votes. But I guess we will just have to wait and see.. *watch this space*


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