Fancy a Jamie Oliver Quickie?

October 1, 2012

Jamie’s commercial cutesy grin definitely swayed me to buy his first foray into speedy cooking, “Jamie’s 30 minute meals”. Apparently he sold a colossal 1.7million hardback copies despite a barrage of criticism from those (clearly useless people in the kitchen who don’t even know that cooking spaghetti requires water) that his 30-minute time frame was unrealistic. So, to further prove that his timings are achievable by the average family cook, he’s halved the time and is soon to be back on our TV screen with his latest TV series “Jamie’s 15 minute meals”, obviously accompanied by the recipe book. So will halving the time result him in selling his book twice as fast? If his latest advertising campaign is anything to go buy I’d predict a definite number 1 place on the chart this Christmas.

Jamie has exclusively released two recipes from his new book, Seared Asian Beef and Ricotta Frittas to his Facebook fans. Fans are encouraged simply to “cook it, snap it, share it”. So cook it – obviously means have a go at actually cooking one of the dishes in 15 minutes. Snap it, using Instragam and apply a filter (to make it look as professional as possible) and tag it with #Jamies15MM. And finally, share your masterpiece on Facebook not only for your entire social graph to see that yes you, an average cook has made a delicious Jamie Oliver meal in 15 minutes, but also for your chance to have your attempt featured in above the line advertising, such as these digital 6sheets spotted on the underground. 

This is shareability and validity from your social graph at its best and loads of people are already giving the recipes a go. Interestingly, Jamie has agreed to product placement in his new TV show. Products from Uncle Ben’s and Yeo Valley will both feature in Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals and Uncle Ben’s will also sponsor the show. This is Channel 4’s first product placement deals for a cookery programme and the added extra of celebrity endorsement of Jamie Oliver is sure to provide some interesting results, as he inspires his audience on how to use the particular branded products throughout his series. Similar to Delia and Heston’s partnership with Waitrose, Uncle Ben’s and Yeo valley will be looking to harness the commercial clout of Jamie in the kitchen.


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