SO MOnday

January 15, 2013

Abbey Torrance and Lexi Brown round up the best social and mobile news from the past week. (Original article posted here)

Disney turns Brick Lane into a Blippable fun zone

In the run up to the UK release of Disney’s new film ‘Wreck It Ralph’ they have transformed Brick Lane into a ‘real-life promotional playground’ – explore it here. A large billboard overlaying one of the buildings is the Blippable game. With the instructions ‘Play This Building. Download Blippar’ you can transform the canvas into the original Fix-It Felix Jr Game on your mobile and start playing.

The Lumia is lighting up Nokia

Nokia has seen the best sales of Lumia phones in Q4 2012 since the Smartphone line was first launched in autumn 2011, marking the total sales to date of the handset at 14.3 million. This is a significant improvement on last year’s sales and Nokia are set to release a full statement in the next few weeks outlying how they have achieved ‘underlying profitability’ and how they have ‘delivered better than expected results’. It will be interesting to see how Nokia compete in the 2013 Smartphone market and whether or not managed to

Apple customers can’t stop crunching

A recent study has revealed that European iPhone 5 users consume 50% more data that iPhone 4S users, with some people using up to four times more data that other iPhone users on the 3G network. This has coincided with an increase of uploads to social media sites, with this rising to one sixth of the overall data downloaded in comparison to last year when it was just one seventh. This is interesting as it has also recently been reported that Apple has cut its orders for iPhone 5 parts due to ‘weaker-than-expected-demand’ suggesting that sales have not been as strong as planned. Or it could reflect that the iPhone 5 has been built better that any of its predecessors and therefore is more resilient to wear and tear.

There has also been news circulating that Apple is planning to release a ‘cheap’ iPhone made up of recycled parts to compete in the market as Google’s Android system is currently gaining market share. The parts would either be recycled or simply made from cheaper materials in order to the make the handset price more affordable. Regardless whether or not these reports are true, it will be interesting to see if this would hugely affect Apple’s market share.

Foodies’ Instagram #tags hijacked to raise awareness

#yummy #brunch #nomnomnom #food and #foodporn are among the most popular hashtags on Instagram. People just love to share what they eat, flooding the social network with images of cute cupcakes, delicious dishes and plates full of food. Restaurants have even begun capitalising on this trend by ‘Instagram-ing’ their menus to help their customers decide what to order.

Non-profit organization Soppkok Stockholm (Soup Kitchen Stockholm) took advantage of this visual food overdose on the platform by posting their own photos on Instagram, showing empty dishes and a clear direct message. It’s a simple idea that really cuts through.

Pinterest makes its first acquisition with Punchfork

The social scrapbooking site kicked off 2013 with an acquisition, its first in fact, a two-year-old recipe site called Punchfork. The site allows users to share images of food and accompanying recipes something Pinterest has been used for since its launch. However, on Pinterest users must click out of the site to access the full recipe. This acquisition of Punchfork could work to build a more complete recipe platform for Pinterest.

Hunter focuses on the fluctuating British weather for its latest Facebook campaign

Hunter has launched a global Facebook campaign that aims to drive consumer engagement by focusing on the weather, called ‘Together Through Any Weather. The app encourages users to upload a photo of the day’s weather theme, whether it be sunshine, snow or rain to be in a chance of winning a daily prize, from wellies to fleece-lines socks.


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