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January 21, 2013

Lexi Brown and Abbey Torrance round up the best social and mobile news from the past week (Original article posted here)

What 500m check-ins looks like

Foursquare's Interactive Global Check-In Map

Foursquare’s Interactive Global Check-In Map

Foursquare has introduced a mapping feature that allows you to visualise check-in activity around the world. Simply type in your postcode, region or a specific landmark and zoom in and out to discover the density of check-ins in that area. The black and white interactive map is not only a cool feature but it shows the potential Foursquare has to use it data to map out real-world activity and make recommendations to users.

Guinness seed ad on social channels prior to TV launch

Guinness has unveiled the second instalment of its ‘Made Of More’ marketing campaign, this time featuring a do-gooding clock. The previous ad showed a cloud charting its own course and this one carries on the theme via the metaphor of a clock, which challenges the ordinary by controlling the minutes and seconds to benefit the inhabitants of the town it presides over.

Guinness, who have a strong history of TV ads have seeded the clock advert on the brand’s social media channels prior to launching on TV. It is the first time that Diageo have launched a TVC through digital channels prior to the actual TV campaign kicking off.

Authenticity on social pays off

A parent, reluctant to get his kids another dog thought his smart remark of, “I’ll get you one if you can get 1million likes on Facebook” would keep their pestering at bay. However, his children took his remark literally and posed for a picture with a poster that explained their quandary and “Two Girls And A Puppy” was born. The Facebook post went viral and the kids are now awaiting their brand new puppy!

This shows how a good cause with a simple message (“We’re two sisters who want a puppy!”) with an easy call to action (Like) can be amplified through social media channels.

RIM renames Blackberry app store

Research in Motion has changed the name of its Blackberry App World to simply ‘Blackberry World’. RIM was reported to have said that the rebrand reflects how you can download videos and music from the store. This news has come ahead of RIM’s planned launch of the Blackberry 10 mobile operating system next week. It will be interesting to see if this refresh of the brand manages to salvage their position in the Smartphone market, as they continue to struggle against their competitors.

Augmented reality Xbox gaming

Microsoft’s IllumiRoom technology takes gaming to a whole new level, by ‘blending our virtual and physical worlds with projected visualisations’. Offering an augmented reality to the user through just an Xbox and a projector, the user can command the games console to “go big” and scan the room before projecting images from the game onto the surrounding walls.  This creates a completely new gaming experience and is possibly emanating the future of Xbox.

Global Mobile Ad Market speculated to show 400% growth by 2018

A recent study revealed yesterday has predicted aggressive growth for global mobile ad revenue over the next three years, forecasting 18.7% this year, ‘from $9.6 to $11.4 billion’. According to the report, the major push in growth will come from location-based mobile search and mobile display ad spending for both in-app and mobile browser display. It will be interesting to see if these predictions actually come to fruition and whether areas of more traditional media suffer as a result.

The perils of texting

Who knew that sending a text could be dangerous? Unfortunately a woman in Birmingham fell into a canal whilst texting. She says she has now learnt her lesson – see the interview here.


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