SO MOnday: Super Bowl Special

February 4, 2013

Lexi Brown and Abbey Torrance round up the best social and mobile news from the 2013 Super Bowl.

One of the biggest sporting events in the US calendar took place last night and many brands used social media platforms and multi-screen behaviour to leverage their bought media by creating seamless content from touchpoint to touchpoint.



There once was a time where the first opportunity to see the ads made specifically for the Super bowl was during the Super bowl itself. However, it is now the norm for brands to release their Super Bowl advertisements early on YouTube and many repeated the same strategy again this year, some attempting to further increase the hype and curiosity by only releasing a teaser ad. However a few brands recognised that integrating social as the core idea of their ad could generate a much bigger conversation (not to mention bang for their buck) through second screen activation, before, during and after the game.

Coke created an online game that pitted #cokeshowgirls, #cokebadlanders and #cokecowboys against each other in a race to find a giant bottle of coke in the desert. The ad encouraged viewers to vote for their favourite group on a microsite, as well as setting up obstacles along the route, from traffic lights to an unexpected sandstorm which would sabotage their efforts in the #cokechase contest.


Pepsi crowdsourced their Half Time Introduction Show which starred hundreds of real fans from around the country by using a unique editing technique called “object replacement animation.”  Fans were asked to submit their photos in the 4 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl to be in a chance of featuring in the ad as well as winning a trip to watch Super Bowl.

Pepsi & Beyonce's Half Time Show

Pizza Hut’s “HUT HUT HUT” ad, saluted all quarterbacks for all the ‘”hut” shoutouts, and encouraged viewers to share their best “hut hut hut” shoutouts at

Toyota asked viewers to tweet their wish at #wishgranted to be in a chance of having their wish granted by Kelly Cuoco whilst Audi asked viewers to share their brave moments with #braverywins.

However, the biggest social media win came from the real-time advertising. When the power went out in the Superdome during the third quarter for 35minutes, Oreo reacted quickly with a brilliant and power outage-related tweet. Marketing Magazine explains here how the ad got designed, captioned and approved within minutes to gain thousands or retweets and favourites.


Audi also reacted quickly through taking a jab at competitor Mercedez-Benz (@MBUSA), who holds the naming rights to the Superdome.

Jell-O has also been quick to react to the final score line which meant San Francisco lost the Superbowl. Jell-O will “bring you the sweet taste of pudding to mask the bitter taste of defeat”, by delivering free pudding to consumers in San Francisco.

The First Shazamable Super Bowl

2013 saw the first completely ‘Shazamable’ Super Bowl as watchers could Shazam the entire show to access all types of extra information such as the latest plays, stats and team info. Currently there is one quarter of a billion mobile phones with Shazam installed, which offers a massive potential audience for brands. Those brands who had a covetable spot in between play took the opportunity to engage with their multi screening audience through their Shazam enabled ads, giving offers and information to those who connected. It will be interesting to see the overall figures of how many users interacted with the Super Bowl through Shazam and how many redeemed any of the coupons that the different brands offered to them. Perhaps this year we will see brands continue to build on this, offering more ‘Shazamable’ content to their audience.


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