CentUp: the social start up with a cause

February 5, 2013

Social activism on the web is a great way to harvest a following. It’s all too easy to join a Facebook page for a good cause or tweet about issues you believe in, but it doesn’t really amount to actual activism. It’s the lazy way of showing you do care but in reality all it required was the click of button. Well what if you could change the world with the click of a button?


CentUp is a new share button that lets you do actual activism with just the click of a button. Great for those who are lazy, time poor but do actually have a heart and want to make a real difference with their actions. Now when things go viral and create awareness of a cause or issue, CentUp will allow users to donate at the click of a button and create ACTUAL change.

CentUp was apparently inspired after the Kony 2012 video that went viral last year. The virality of Kony 2012 embodied ‘slacktivism’ (people taking an action that doesn’t really lead to change) perfectly. War in Africa wasn’t being prevented just because millions of people were sharing the video, tweeting and clicking ‘like’. But what if everyone who did those simple, minuscule actions donated 1p instead? Collectively they could have amassed something more powerful in aggregate and actually put a stop to Kony.

CentUp will act as an active reminder to give. No longer will we be able to forget to donate as ‘armchair activism’ becomes a reality for the mass. The internet has made it incredible easy for people to get involved and now CentUp has the potential to let those people involved create change in small ways. I think this is a great initiative and really hope that the CentUp button will become a feature of social sharing in the not to distant future!

CentUp was founded by Len Kendal,  Tyler TravtizJohn Geletka and received investment from Chris McLaughlin and Marcus Duncan


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