SO MOnday

February 11, 2013

Abbey Torrance and Lexi Brown round up the best mobile and social news from the past week.

Love is in the mobile air

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people will be buying those last minute chocolates or roses in the name of love. Do they go in-store or online? A recent study by a mobile network has revealed that 52% of women would prefer to buy Valentine’s Day presents for their other halves on their Smartphone rather than go in-store. Valentine’s fever must be spreading the country as the Interflora App is currently ranked in the top twenty in the UK app charts.

Consumers shopping behaviour continues to evolve and a new report stated that 37% of PC users have moved their desktop actions to mobile. Three quarters of Facebook traffic is through mobile now and web browsing is increasingly done on mobile than on desktop.

Debenhams Free WiFi is keeping shoppers happy

In June last year Debenhams rolled out free WiFi to all customers in their stores. Eight months in and the retailer has reported that users have been really positive about the service. Men particularly have been enjoying the free WiFi, with the average time spent roaming at 30 minutes, possibly as they wait whilst their other halves peruse the store. It is a great way of keeping customers in store and online, so they can check for additional sizes/colours if they are out of stock in store. The top ten sites that have been visited whilst in Debenhams are:

1.   Facebook

2.   Sky Sports

3.   LiveScore

4.   BBC Sports

5.   YouTube

6.   Yahoo!


8.   Instagram

9.   Google

10.  Tumblr

Add content to your chocolate

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is letting UK customers personalise their chocolate bars as part of its ‘Joyville campaign’. Users can not only add their names, photos and a message but can also add their own selected web content from YouTube Videos to Facebook photos. Users can compose their bar online at the Joyville Made website or via the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Facebook app and get their chocolate sent by mail directly to the recipient. Perfect for birthdays and Valentine’s Day!

Lego gets Vine

These simple, well thought out and visually enjoyable vines from Lego are the first branded example that has really understood the platform to create some great stop motion animations.

Straight from the Runway

Fashion shows are expanding into interactive online experiences from Topshop’s live stream fashion show on Facebook that allowed users to take screen shots and share content with Facebook friends to Gucci Connect’s E-vent a live stream of the Milan show where the “virtual guests” could chat liveduring the runway show.

adidas 2013

The 2013 Y-3 runway show from Adidas not only had an interactive live stream of the fashion show, but had multiple cameras which would switch between various live shots both on the runway and behind the scenes. By streaming the show with four different views onto the runway, the online audience could magnify one view without losing perspective of the show as a whole – have a look here. Users could also take snaps of the show and instantly pin them on Pinterest. More backstage content was given through Twitter and Facebook as well. It’s a shame that Adidas didn’t close the loop with the ability to let users click to buy but it’s an innovative way to increase their reach.


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