SO MOnday

February 18, 2013

Lexi Brown and Abbey Torrance round up the best mobile and social news from the past week.

The Future of the Fashion Show

The ‘LFW Experience’ used to be available to a select elitist few, but Topshop has reimagined the runway for the digital age by engineering a unique, multi-platform show experience for online viewers, this time, in partnership with Google.

Topshop LFW AW13

Topshop’s London Fashion Week show at the Tate Modern on Sunday used Google+ to offer online viewers an unparalleled perspective of the show and an insight into the backstage drama of LFW. The whole show was broadcasted in real time on Google+, with “Road to Runway” digital diaries of the models documenting everything from their first fittings to the moment they hit the catwalk and even a quick Harlem Shake backstage.

Aspiring Fashion Buyers and Stylists could use the Topshop ‘Be the Buyer’ app on Google+ which enabled users to curate moodboards of their favourite items from the runway whilst also speak directly with designers and fashion editors to discuss the show and get tips from the buyers on how to put looks together. This is not only added value for the user, but will also feed data back to Topshop on what items, colours and trends are the most popular, proving that digital innovation at LFW aren’t solely about gaining fans and building awareness of current collections, but are an opportunity for getting consumers to help determine and inform future fashion decisions and what will essentially hit the shop floor.

There were also in-store elements to add to the experience, with a custom-designed Google+ animated photo booth installed in Topshop’s Oxford Street flagship store. As customers try on clothing, they can have their picture instantly uploaded in an interactive digital window as well as on Topshop’s Google+ page.

Augmented Reality app translates Newspaper stories for Kids

One of the biggest newspapers in Japan has worked with Dentsu to craft an impressive augmented reality app which makes the newspaper articles readable for children.

The user holds the Smartphone over the AR enabled content which turns the news into a simplified story using cartoons and animation. This engages the children with the content on a level that makes it easy to understand and teaches them about Japan’s current affairs. This is a brilliant way of letting children access more challenging reading and could be seen as an educational tool.

If we saw this in British news titles then it would be interesting to see what opportunities would arise for advertisers, as they could reach a new younger audience by placing really engaging augmented reality enabled ads in the big dailies.

The perfect companion for your summer holiday

Us Brits could only dream of needing this app day in our daily lives. Agencia Click Isobar created this Sun Alarm app catering to the Brazilian market. The alarm clock is synced with the weather channel, constantly updating the weather in real time, so it will only wake you up if it is sunny outside so you can hit the beach. If the weather is bad, it will allow the users to sleep later. This would be a great app to download just before you head off on holiday.


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