Zuckerberg brings hashtags to Facebook #reportedly

March 18, 2013

Hashtags contextualise and categorise content. They are used as a way of filing tweets by topic, enabling Twitter users to find everything that anyone anywhere has tweeted about any given subject.

Zuckenberg brings Hashtag to Facebook

Although Twitter is responsible for making hashtags popular, they actually first appeared in online chat rooms before Twitter even existed and now, they are invading Facebook.

By introducing the hashtag to posts in Facebook, it will allow conversations to be indexed easily by Facebook’s Graph Search.

This is the third time that Twitter has influenced the design of Facebook. Firstly in 2009 when Facebook allowed its users to @mention each other in their posts and comments. And secondly, in 2012 when Facebook launched its “subscriber” feature, which was then later renamed as “subscribe to follow”.

According to Gizmodo “hashtags are the symbolic vernacular of idiots across the world, who spray them across sentences like a bottle of Cheez Whiz”. But there’s a reason Facebook is introducing this clearly quite contentious feature; Money.

By releasing a hashtag ecosystem, Facebook hopes our visits will not only be longer, but deeper, and more engaging as the hashtags we create and the ones we click will become another signal of our preferences and likes. This will allow Facebook to build better more comprehensive marketing profiles of us and subsequently increase their advertising revenue as clients invest more on the platform to access the valuable data pool to show users more effective ads.



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