SO MOnday

March 25, 2013

Abbey Torrance and Lexi Brown round up the best of this week’s social and mobile news.

Chirpify now available on Facebook

chirpify adidas

Chirpify, the social commerce platform that originally rolled out on Instagram and Twitter, has now expanded onto Facebook allowing users to donate or buy physical or digital items just by one comment in the news feed.  Adidas and some other brands have been selected as partners to launch this service on Facebook.

In order to use Chirpify, you just need to set up an account and then you can purchase, donate or enter a competition simply by commenting ‘buy’, ‘donate’ or ‘gimme’ on the post’s feed on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

4G is helping boost Britain’s retail sector through mobile and tablet commerce

New research has predicted that the amount of money spent via smartphones and tablets will more than double in 2013. eBay sees purchases made every second through a mobile or tablet device and this online shopping behaviour is only set to increase.

The speed of the 4G network has led to predictions that ‘the national 4G roll-out could prompt a 113% surge in mobile shopping’. The study reflects that a third of British consumers now use their mobile phone before making a purchase; either to do a price comparison or browse. This offers brands a real opportunity to connect with potential customers who are ‘always connected’.


Google is addicted to producing creative experiments and although some may never come out of Beta and others fall by the wayside.

The Google Graveyard


Google continually innovate to create services and products that we love so much that one day we will actually want to mourn their departure. The latest project comes from Google Japan, ‘The World Wide Maze’, which essentially turns a website into a mobile controlled pinball meets 3D labyrinth game. Click here to watch a demo or click here to connect your phone and start playing.

Corsa ________

The insight found by an agency in Israel that “young people love their cars almost as much as they love themselves” spawned this social campaign that extends nicely offline. Instead of coming up with a new name for the Corsa model, they simply named the car after whoever bought it. The car was launched online and buyers were given special metal decals to spell out their names on the car’s rear end. To amplify the online activity offline; when the first car was officially sold, the new owner became the voice of the radio ad, selling his ‘personalised’ new Corsa. Watch the campaign video here.



It’s nearly Easter and many of us are looking forward to the four day weekend. To celebrate, Tesco has partnered with Google’s Street View to ensure the ‘Tesco Easter bunny’ pays us all a visit this year. Through detecting your location via GPS (or tapping in your postcode) you can navigate the online treasure hunt to find the virtual eggs. Collect 3 eggs and you’ll be given a voucher to redeem at Tesco for a chocolate prize. It’s a simple mechanic with a chocolate incentive. You’re only still reading this because you want to know where you can get your free chocolate… click here.

The tweet that cost £14,268


UK parliament member Fiona MacTaggart underestimated the power of social media when she vowed to donate £1 for everyRT she received. Within the 35 minutes Fiona set as her ‘matched donation timeframe’ she received 14,268 RT on Red Nose Day 2013. Fiona certainly wasn’t expecting the reaction she received but will live up to her word and intends to donate the full £14,268 to Comic Relief. Stunts like MacTaggart’s aren’t uncommon on social sites, but it’s the follow-through that counts. Very impressive of her if she does!

Fact for today: YouTube now has over one billion unique users every month.

This means “almost half of the people on the Internet visit the online site each month”. Looking specifically at Generation C (18-34 year olds), YouTube stated  that this “demographic spend 74% more time watching YouTube on their smartphones now than they were last year”.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 11.29.00


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