SO MOnday

April 15, 2013

Abbey Torrance & Lexi Brown round up the best social and mobile news from the past week.

Trending Music – Twitter expands into music discovery


Twitter is expanding its service with the imminent launch of a music app, after confirmation that the microblog snapped up We Are Hunted, which tracks the world’s 99 most popular emerging songs on the social web in real time. A statement on which confirmed the acquisition reads: “While we are shutting down, we will continue to create services that will delight you, as part of the Twitter team. There’s no question that Twitter and music go well together. Artists turn to Twitter first to connect with fans, and people share and discover new songs and albums every day. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on at Twitter.”

There is no confirmed date as to the release of the new music service but Twitter has created a new website at and is building hype around the launch by giving high profile celebrities with huge twitter followings a preview of the new service in hope that they will promote positive reviews through their twitter accounts.

Debenhams triumphs in the latest UK Mobile Commerce Study

In a recent study by EPiServer, Debenhams came first in the UK’s top 30 retailer’s apps and mobile sites against best practice benchmarks.

The retailers were judged on ‘the speed, key functionality and ease of use of their mobile and tablet offerings, mobile sites and native apps’. Debenhams beat last year’s winner Argos by scoring ninety percent in all criteria. ASDA also featured in the top 10 list at number eight, scoring sixty eight percent in all criteria.

‘In 2011, 30% of the UK’s top 10 retailers did not have a mobile optimised site, now just 17% of the top 30 do not’. This shows the vast improvement of the high street stores’ digital practice, as they realised they needed to work harder in order to meet increasing consumer demands.

Shazam develop tech to identify clothes on TV programmes

Rumours have been circulating that Shazam is going to expand its apps capabilities so that users can tag TV shows, which will pull in content such as merchandise, cast bios and trivia alongside the soundtrack. It will then direct the user to the online store to purchase the clothes featured in the TV show.

Shazam’s CEO told the Guardian; ‘We have the ability to identify the product in a TV show so that when somebody Shazams it, they could find out where a presenter’s dress is from in one click’.

It will be interesting to see if this does drive volume to retailer sites when this tech is released onto the market, as ultimately it would cut out the middleman, the search engine, to bring content straight from the screen to the viewer.

Foursquare to sell check-in data for ad targeting

Foursquare has over 30 million users and they’ve checked in over 3.5 billion times. That’s a lot of data and not only does Foursquare know where people check-in, but it can also tell you where people are likely to go next. As CEO Dennis Crowley likes to point out, Foursquare wants to become “the location layer for the Internet” and being able to add contextual data to ad targeting will be a powerful tool. If such an ad product comes to fruition it will be a significant step forward for the company in finding a viable revenue stream.

Facebook Home gets poor user reviews

A day after Facebook released the software on Google Play, the app has garnered over 2000 reviews, with an average rating of 2.5 stars. Some 970 people left a one-star rating.  Notably, even some reviewers who give higher ratings to Facebook Home said they probably wouldn’t use it. For example, one user who gave it five stars called it “slick,” but said it is really for people who can’t live without Facebook. The reviewer said he’d uninstall it and prefers the normal Facebook App. There have also been concerns over privacy with one reviewer commenting “HOME also overrides security features like password protection”. Not the best start for Facebook, let’s hope the app is a first version and that they’ve got updates to come to improve the experience.


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