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April 22, 2013

Twitter #music goes live

Twitter has launched their new #Music app – check it out here.

There are separate lists for Popular and Emerging tracks; a #NowPlaying chart of songs tweeted by people you follow on Twitter; and suggestions for artists you may like. I think it’s pretty impressive, not only because of its slick design but because it really lends its self to exploration and discovery of new music.

Facebook Propaganda?

Facebook has produced another ad to promote Facebook Home. The ad called ‘launch day’ starring Mark Zuckerberg himself shows the Facebook CEO giving a speech at Facebook HQ to the engineers who built ‘Home’, until one of them gets bored and drifts off into the imaginary world of the service itself. Taken at face value, does this suggest that it is ok to check your phone whilst someone is speaking to you? Because lets face it, I say I can multitask, but in reality I can’t. If I’m on my phone, I can guarentee that I have no idea what you’ve just said to me.

Zuckenberg thinks keeping people connected is powerful. And he’s right. Once I’m connected, I become completly absorbed by my online world. So with Facebook Home, will I begin to neglect my offline relationships, or will this behaviour become commonplace? After all, the idea of sharing trivial aspects of your life on social networks seemed laughable not that many years ago.. but I bet we are all guilty of uploading a picture of food porn?

WhatsApp is bigger than Twitter

According to WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum, the service now has more than 200-million users, making it a larger overall network than Twitter. Moreover, it is being employed heavily by those users, with 8 billion inbound and 12 billion outbound messages every day!

Mobile more important than TV according to Facebook

The Chief operating officer of Facebook said last week that ‘mobile is as important, if not more important, to marketers than television’. With mobile ad spend reaching the half billion mark last year, mobile is definitely on the radar for brands. The COO of Facebook said that ‘the size of the mobile phone audience makes it a mass medium with significant importance for marketers’. This statement from Facebook is unsurprising, as they are looking to capitalise their mobile advertising business as an increasing number of their users access Facebook through smartphones.

Yet some would question whether or not mobile has reached its full potential or if it will ever replace TV entirely.

Tablets and mobiles are referred to as the second screen, when in reality users always have their smartphones with them throughout the day, wherever they go, and are continually consuming content. This new user behaviour, which has emerged in the past few years, as smartphone penetration continues to increase, has seen many users spending ‘more time with a mobile screen than traditional media’.  As a result, mobile and TV are actually more complimentary channels rather than in competition with each other, and right now, should be used for different objectives, as some of the most interesting campaigns today are completely integrated cross platform.

Twitter partnering with the Weather Channel

Twitter and the Weather Channel are integrating to bring local forecasts to your twitter feed in real time, without a need to sign up for this service. The local weather will automatically appear within your news feed. This joint venture could open up opportunities for brands who want to advertise on Twitter, after seeing the results of this experiment with the Weather Channel.

Guardian Witness Smartphone App

The Guardian has launched a new crowd sourced news platform called the ‘GuardianWitness’. The App allows wanna-be-journalists or even just the average joe to submit interesting stories, or raise awareness in times of need. The Guardian will issue ‘Assignments’, updated regularly to gather additional photos and video content for bigger stories that are happening in real time. Post will be reviewed before appearing on the site for other users to browse. The best articles will also be featured on the Guardian site.

This is a really interesting way to invite people to participate in creating news and share their stories. This really embodies the Guardians value of open journalism. For more information, watch the video here.

Fun for today: computer generated iPhones falling like Dominoes


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