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May 13, 2013

YouTube launches paid for channels

Would you pay to watch videos from your favourite YouTube channels? The idea of paying for something that was once free rarely receives a positive reception from users, but if paid subscriptions meant fewer ads and a higher quality of content then maybe it is the way forward for YouTube Channels.

Google has confirmed that there are 53 pilot channels to choose from at launch, from National Geographic for Kids, PGA Digital Golf Academy and The channels can be accessed for free for a two week trial period and then prices will start at $0.99 / 64p a month, with the option for yearly subscriptions.

By having paid for channels, the creators behind them will be better positioned to generate revenue from their content. This move will also allow Google to compete with the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm.

Nokia teases next Lumia Smartphone

If you missed the teaser for Nokia’s new smartphone in the ad break between The Inbetweeners movie last night on Channel 4 – watch it here. The new smartphone will be launched tomorrow night at Nokia’s press event in London, so check back here on Wednesday for info on the big reveal!

Huggies TweetPee

The perfect gadget for tech-savvy parents – a device that is attached to nappies and alerts the parents when they need to change their child’s nappy. The ‘TweetPee’ attachment has a sensor that recognises when there is an increase in humidity and will automatically fire out a tweet to the parent’s twitter alerting them. The useful add-on is that ‘the tweet is also connected to a mobile app that keeps track of the number of diapers used, so that parents can make sure they are always ‘in-stock’ and they can even order online the new packs whenever they are needed’. It is a great idea; however perhaps it is not healthy for a baby to have a transmitting device attached to their tummy.

Chelsea Flower Show showcasing Tweet-controlled garden

Twitter continues to turn up in the most unexpected places. In this instance, The Chelsea Flower Show will be showcasing ‘Digital Capabilities’ which is a garden that has two zones separated by panel walls which are connected to a computer. The panels will open or close dependent on the volume of tweets which use the hashtag #rhschelsea. This is a great way of showcasing our convergent offline and online worlds.

Wind-Up Chair charges iPhone

The creation was revealed at Milan Design week; a clever chair that has a wind up key on the back to charge your iPhone. It would definitely be useful in the office, although they don’t look too comfortable.


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