Nokia Launches New Smartphone – Lumia 925

May 15, 2013

Nokia announced the new Lumia 925 handset to its range last night at Victoria House in London. So here’s the low down on its specs and performance.

The Lumia 925 has a sleek and svelte aluminium design that is less audacious than the bold, bright colours of the Lumia 920s. So if you prefer something more subtle that the yellow and red 920s, then this is the phone for you – coming in black, white and silver.

Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925

The phone is thinner than its predecessor, measuring a slim 8.5mm and the metal edging feels firm and curves nicely round the edges of the screen. It really is a beautifully crafted piece of technology. The back panel is polycarbonate and doesn’t give much flex, making it feel much more solid and secure than the plastic body of the Samsung Galaxy 4S. The matte surface texture is also slightly easier to grip than the high-gloss coating on the 920, so hopefully less chance of it slipping out of your hands, if you’re clumsy like me!

At 139 grams it’s only a fraction heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset and it definitely feels a lot lighter than my Lumia 920. To read more about the design of the smartphone, read here.

The camera is the real selling point in my opinion and we had great fun taking pictures last night at the launch event! The camera has 8.7megapixels with improved optics from its predecessor to give optical image stabilisation, and with the addition of a sixth glass lens the images have greater clarity, especially in low-light environments. If you use Nokia’s Smart Camera technology it allows you to take 10 photos at once and edit them afterwards whether it’s removing objects or changing faces, perfect for action shots and removing pesky photobombers!

The combination of Nokia and the operating system of Windows Phone 8 give you a host of high level extras out of the box. Mix Radio and Nokia MusicHERE and clever features like Cinemagraph all add value, and are key differentiators for Nokia.

Nokia has also negotiated a strategic marketing partnership with Warner Brothers for the upcoming Superman blockbuster allowing all Lumia 925 owners to access exclusive content from the film, Man Of Steel via the Windows 8 app.

O2 will sell the white version of the Nokia Lumia 925 exclusively in the UK, with Vodafone offering a 32GB version of the handset. The handset will be available in June and available on all networks by July. So not too long to wait!


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