SO MOnday

June 25, 2013

Welcome to Gumulon and chew the future

A new game from Stride Gum, that lets you chew your way through an action packed mobile game based on facial recognition technology.

Gumulon sees you play as Ace, a renegade alien miner who unintentionally awakes a terrifying subterranean monster. The aim of the game is to escape from said monster, saving other miners along the way, by jumping Ace up the deepest mine Gumulon has to offer.

Via the front facing camera of an iPhone or iPad players use their mouths to control the intergalactic action. You chew, Ace jumps.

Stride have created a new experience rather than just another piece of branded content. It’s pretty cool. Check it out here.

Facebook News Reader

Reportedly, Facebook is working on a Flipboard-like news reader. Facebook has been developing the project for more than a year, according to The Wall Street Journal. For Facebook, such a project would not only let the company become a sort of digital newspaper for readers on mobile, but also let the platform partake in more real-time discussions, a goal implicit in the company’s recent embrace of hashtags.

NFC allows virtual food to be donated to charity at a bus stop

This is a great idea for charities to encourage donations. Utilising smartphone technology, a concept has been dreamt up by a German agency to physically involve users in the donation process, combining different media channels. The idea includes a bus stop that has two different posters at each end which are NFC enabled. Users can scan to add virtual food from one poster onto their mobile and then walk across to the other poster, scan and donate the virtual food to the charity. The users will then receive a video from the child thanking them and they can share it on Facebook. ‘The company hopes to make the act of donating more interactive and rewarding – encouraging people to support the United Nations’ World Food Programme’. This is a very interactive experience, successfully combining different touch points.

Constantly checking your phone on a night out?

These days it has become the norm for people to regularly check their phone when they’re out; be it at the pub with your mates or on the dance floor at a nightclub. This could be seen as pretty anti-social and a bar in Sao Paulo wanted to put an end to it and so commissioned a special pint glass that only stands up straight when balanced on a smartphone. ‘The glass was designed to bring people back from the online world and get them to actually talk and socialise with their friends face to face.’

Turn your Vines into flipbooks

Bring your Vines offline by simply sending the link to your vine video to Vine Flip to create your own personal flipbook.

Glastonbury to provide festivalgoers with Wi-Fi via eco-tractor

The mobile phone company EE has set up a 4G tractor which will give high-speed access to anyone within 10 meters at Worthy Farm in Somerset next weekend. Expect lots of #glasto related content in your social feeds.


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