Lexi Brown ‘Outside Squared’

July 1, 2013

The best brands tell stories. Bringing these stories to life, the ‘craft’ of being a storyteller is timeless, but how stories are told, heard and shared is changing with advances in new technologies in today’s digital world.

We’re evolving from storytelling to story sharing, and we’re on our way to story making”.

Online video has become integral to the internet experience. As YouTube discovered long ago, there seems to be an insatiable hunger for online video and now YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. Recently, with the launch of Vine and Instagram video, previous video consumers and curators can now easily become creators themselves.

Our first assignment for Google SquaredOnline was to engage with video as a platform and have a go at understanding what is needed to make a good online video, by showing your fellow Squares who you are via a short video. See my submission below:

So what did I learn? This task took a lot more thought & time than I originally estimated.

Firstly, deciding to do all the filming whilst I was at a wedding in Scotland on the beach, staying at a campsite with no electricity was my first hurdle. After finding a power source at a local hotel (good half an hour drive away!) I took to the beach with a fully charged camera and my smartphone. Between both devices I had enough power to capture what I thought would be enough footage.

Secondly, I thought I’d edit it when I got home, instead of utilising a 5 hour train journey back to London. Error. (My excuse.. I was tired from a weekend of wedding fun and the rocking sensation of the train makes it impossible not to fall asleep).

Thirdly, editing took a while. I decided to use iMovie, and although I have used it once before to create a video on parallel parking for an application for an internship, there is so much you can do that it can be hard not to get absorbed by all the features.

When editing, I realised that it was pretty difficult to hear me on the windy Scottish beach! I fiddled with the audio settings but decided that it would be safer to have what I was saying scrolling along the bottom of the video. If I’d had more time I would have thought more logically about ‘set location’, weather conditions and maybe I’d have ‘rapped’ a little louder!

All in all, I’m quite impressed with my final edit and the fact that I submitted it before the deadline. It may be slightly cringe worthy, but then seeing people embarrass themselves is everyone’s guilty pleasure, so I’m pretty confident this video is going to go viral 😉


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