Wimbledon Championship Final: Twitter Reaction

July 8, 2013

The Murray-Djokovic Wimbledon Finals match attracted the biggest television audience for a men’s final since at least 1990, with a peak audience of 17.3 million.

But it wasn’t just the TV set that people were glued to. The Wimbledon championship also played out on Twitter.

In a 12-hour period, the Wimbledon final was mentioned more than 3.4 million times on Twitter, with the peak hitting at 5.25pm, when 120,000 mentions of the game were made: over 37,500 of which mentioned Murray.

wordcloudAt the point of his victory, eight of the UK’s 10 trending topics were Wimbledon-related.

Murray tweeted ‘Can’t believe what’s just happened!!!!!!!’ after the match ended, which received over 80,500 retweets and @Andy_Murray was mentioned approximately 411,580 times on the day of the final.

Murray’s sponsors also took to Twitter to celebrate, including Adidas, Head and RBS. Adidas has been using the hashtag #allinfromurray which received over 33,000 mentions on Sunday.


These were not the only companies to play on Murray’s success: Morrisons Wimbledon branch changed the name of its store to Murriwins.



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