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July 15, 2013

Our puppets are waiting to play

Puppets is a new kind of digital toy that lets you use an iPhone to make a puppet walk, wave and jump on your iPad. Watch the demo video below:

Puppets is not a game, there are no levels, tasks to complete, or points to score. Instead Puppets is a simple digital toy that kids can use to do what they want – tell a story, put on a show for their friends or mum and dad. Or just explore the different scenes. Puppets reacts to your voice, and you can record your show so you can share the experience.

Puppets princess

It is an experiment by Dare Labs in providing better ways for children to interact with technology that are social and let them use their imagination. It’s available in the app store here.

Testing Distribution Waters, Vimeo Launches First Film Exclusively On Demand

Vimeo opened up its Vimeo on Demand paywall back in March so content creators could easily put a paywall around their content. And now, Vimeo have announced that their first feature film exclusive, SOME GIRL(S), is now available through Vimeo On Demand.

The concept of a movie launching online alongside its theatrical debut isn’t new; we’ve seen a few (usually independent) movies reach iTunes that way, for example. However, Vimeo has a great advantage over other distributors in that it lets content creators keep 90% of the revenue generated by the film (compared to 70% that creators get to keep via iTunes).

SOME GIRL(S) is an unflinching look at breakups starring Adam Brody, Kristen Bell, Zoe Kazan, Mia Maestro, Jennifer Morrison, and Emily Watson. The film will cost $5 to rent on Vimeo, or you can simply download it to own for $10. Check out the trailer for SOME GIRL(S) below.

Twitter video CV app targeting youth unemployed is launched

In the United Kingdom, more than 15% of the youth population is not in education, employment or training. So, Twitter has released a custom app designed to help young people find work and reduce Britain’s expanding youth unemployment figures.

VideofyMe’s claim to fame is the ability to record a video CV which can be uploaded to Twitter, allowing employers to search using the hashtag #employme to source promising applicants. Applicants can add separate hashtags specifying the specific sectors they’re interested in, such as #advertising, and can also upload their work to Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube.


The project is being launched with London-based charity UK Youth and has the backing of Dragons’ Den judge Hilary Devey and Ms Devey has pledged to tweet a link to her favourite CV each week.

*Latest youth figures show 958,000 people aged 16 to 24 are unemployed. Recent research by High Fliers shows that an average of 46 UK graduates are competing for each job.

SkyGo promoting through train windows

Sky presents a revolutionary new audio medium, “the talking windows”. This media innovation is made possible by a small technical device that sends out a special transmitter attached to the window sending out inaudible high frequency vibrations. This technology is known as ‘bone conduction’ and so far has only been used by deaf people and the military. Essentially, a tired commuter can rest their weary head on the window and will immediately begin hearing voices trying to sell the latest product. Maybe this new media will cause an increase in sales of ear plugs?

Facebook + Grinder = Tinder

Tinder the newest trend for online dating, connects with a user’s Facebook profile to find other users nearby. People can then like or dismiss potential matches based on their photos, and are notified when someone they find attractive likes them back. Only once users are mutually matched can they message each other, although slightly superficial it does allow you to avoid the ‘creepy’ internet-dating types.


The app has also been successful due to its game-like fun feature of casually flicking through the photos of potential matches. To get rid of someone you’re not interested in, you simply swish them out of view using the swipe feature on a smartphone and a big red stamp stating ‘NOPE’ is imprinted on the rejected photo.

The app is currently ad-free, so it’s unclear how founder & creator Sean Rad will monetise it, but in the meantime Tinder has become the App Store’s fastest-growing dating app, and it’s currently being rolled out in Britain, Australia, across much of Latin America, Germany and France. Although Sean won’t release the total number of Tinder downloads since its US launch nine months ago, he will tell you that it’s led to 50 million matches and ten engagements. Sean says that, in the US at least, there are ‘a lot’ of celebrities on it he can’t name (although he has revealed that the Winklevoss twins are sharking around), along with a few ‘billionaires, a slew of entrepreneurs and a couple of CEOs of very big startups’.

QR codes on Perfume bottles

Bond No. 9 has brewed up a QR-code enabled strategy to drive sales for its latest scent. Timed for their 10th anniversary, the new scent is inspired by the newest New York neighbourhood, “the digital village”, otherwise known as the Internet.

Bond No 9 digital fragrance hero IIHIH

The scent is aptly named HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM. While the ‘latest’ neighbourhood may be virtual, the scent (unisex) is entirely real. The bottle design has a coded blue scanner pattern on the neon-yellow background which consumers can scan with a QR reader directing them to where they can order a bottle, which is sold online only. Apparently, “once you have it in-hand and spray it on, you’ll generate lots of person-to-person QR of your own”. Better dust of those QR readers and get scanning!



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