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July 22, 2013

#Hashtag Tourism

Which hashtags dominate your holiday instagrams? #YOLO? #FoodPorn? #Shopaholic? #Partyhard? #Glamping? #Romance?


Vodafone Netherlands to promote its ‘All-in-1 Travel package’, which allows travellers to call, text and use mobile data for €2 per day has launched #HashtagHolidays, where travellers can pick and choose their ideal holiday based on trending travel related hashtags from all major European cities.

They can then virtually “book” a holiday for two, using a specially created website, to be in with a chance of winning the holiday of their choice in a weekly competition.

The trip will go to the first people to use the website to check in, once they have been notified the check-in has opened.

Google encourages users to downloads movies before their flight

Following on the holiday theme, Google set up shop at the main airports in Australia to drive awareness of the Google Play Store. Interactive screens were set up across the airport where users could scan their smartphone on the screen using NFC technology to then choose a film category and download a film for their flight. Really great idea as people who are travelling might not have pre-planned their in-flight entertainment and it drove users directly to the Google Play Store to buy films.

Bored? O2 encourages Britain to embrace their inner dog

O2’s latest campaign which keeps the focus away from the brand itself and could easily be misconstrued as an advert for steroid infused cat food aims to raise awareness of the launch of O2’s 4G services.

The ad directs viewers to the website, where you can link your phone to your computer using a QR code and play a game throwing a frisbee at the dog on the screen, which I have to admit is slightly addictive. This demonstrates the technology of using your phone to drive other devices. Users can also create their own ‘dog bombs‘, short shareable videos to reinforce the campaign in the social sphere tied together with the hashtag #bemoredog.

I think this campaign hits the spot on the entertainment factor and has definitely caused a stir with the cat loving community but is ‘bemoredog’ a bit of a tenuous and slightly irrelevant link to the brand’s services it’s trying to promote? Even if this is the case, you can’t discard the fact the campaign has racked up nearly 2million views on YouTube. By being innovative and reinforcing O2’s fun personality, bemoredog has unquestionably captured our attention.

Daily Mail takes a step closer to Retail

The ‘FeMail Fashion Finder’ has paved the way for avid celeb readers to find out what the celebrities are wearing in the articles. The newspaper has incorporated this functionality across desktop and tablet allowing users to discover where the celebrities’ clothes are from and suggests similar cheaper options. This example showcases Kim Sears’s fashion choice at Wimbledon for the Men’s singles final. The Daily Mail is the worlds most visited website and as the majority of TV and Showbiz pages avid readers are female who would love to buy a dress that Kim Sears wore, it is a brilliant way to bridge brands with content. This function has proved really popular, so we could see it rolled out onto Mobile this year.

‘This move towards content-led retail demonstrates the power of great web content. If your content is attracting and retaining your key audience, you are in a strong position to deliver a call to action.’

Kate Moss collaborates with Carphone Warehouse

The renowned supermodel who already has her own line of perfumes and successfully partnered with Topshop has added a new string to her bow; a line of tablet and smartphone accessories.

The collection is influenced by her belongings such as a leather Alfred Dunhill cigarette case and a star trinket from her own jewellery collection. “I looked into it and I realised that there was nothing else like it out there – there was nothing that I liked, anyway – nothing really luxury, nothing really chic.”

View the collection here; you will notice each piece has a small anchor which matches the one she has tattooed on her wrist. This is something that Kate Moss aficionados will go mad for and it reflects how technology is becoming so integral to daily life that a supermodel wants to work with a retailer that you wouldn’t automatically connect her to.


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