July 30, 2013

Adidas launches the Snapshot App with Gareth Bale

Adidas Snapshot is an iPhone only app that helps football fanatics perfect their skills. Once launched, the user can record their kick. It will be analysed by the app and provide info such as the speed, angle and airtime of the kick. Users can then watch themselves in slow motion and share it across different social media sites. This will let you compare your shots with your friends and Gareth Bale.

Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest builds up the anticipation using Mobile

In order to build up the excitement for the Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest the organisers utilised smartphone technology to freak out their members. The festival theme was Home Invasion which they reflected in this campaign. Members received an MMS from an unknown number with a picture of their house. Many users reply with a variety or responses, including ‘Who is this?’ and ‘??’. They didn’t receive a reply straightaway – half an hour later they received another message. Watch the YouTube here to see what happens.

Facebook share price jumps 20% with second-quarter profit report

It’s been a positive past few days for Facebook. The world’s most popular social networking site announced an impressive set of results for Q2 2013 which were well-received by investors, particularly its spike in usage and revenue from mobile. The amount of total advertising revenue jumped from 30% in the first-quarter to 41% in the second, comprising $656m in sales.

WeChat goes global

Facebook is among a number of Western services blocked by the Chinese government and consequently Facebook hasn’t been able to crack the Chinese market, instead WeChat is the dominant mobile social network in the world’s largest smartphone market. Although WeChat dominated the Chinese market, just 70 million of WeChat’s near-400 million registered users are based outside of China. WeChat has launched a new global advertising campaign to accelerate its overseas presence. Fronted by football star Lionel Messi, WeChat is likely to see its presence in markets like Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe surge.

Premier Inn reveals hi-tech ‘hub’ hotel

Premier Inn has revealed a new hotel room concept which allows guests to pre-order breakfast, control lighting and entertainment using a mobile phone app. Check-in will also be done online, limiting contact between guests and staff. The room is just 11 square metres in size but will be up to 30 per cent cheaper than a standard Premier Inn hotel.

prem inn high tech hub

Business in a box

Nomanini is a social enterprise company that sells ‘Lula’, which works as a digital vending machine for selling prepaid vouchers for mobile airtime, electricity, water, and insurance.

The device is fully mobile, can be worn around the neck, easy to use, robust, low-cost and prints on standard thermal receipt paper. The World Bank described Africa’s financial services as “inadequate, inaccessible.” There is not a strong banking infrastructure and most people do not have computers, Internet access, or smartphones. Mobile payments is exploding as a result. Informa Telecoms & Media forecast that the number of mobile subscriptions in Africa will reach 1 billion before the end of 2015.

Future Cut remix the William Tell Overture for the release of Lone Ranger

Future Cut have remixed their own version of the theme tune (William Tell’s Overture) for Johnny Depp’s new film, The Lone Ranger. Watch it here.


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