August 5, 2013

British Gas launches ME the Mobile Energy app 

British Gas App

The Smart ME app is tailored for young renters who want to be able to control their energy costs. The iOS and Android app allows its customers to predict bills and split them between housemates. It also has a built in torch so customers can check their meter and submit their readings. British Gas has perfectly catered for their customers who are renting as users can also switch their address when they move house. The app is still in beta and is available to any of its customers, allowing users to be in control even when they are not at home. This is a brilliant step for the energy supplier, making their service user friendly for the technophiles out there.

The future of wearable festival tech?

Constantly switching your smartphone on and off to preserve every last drop of power to ensure you can ring your friends when you’ve lost them, or capture the amazing Mumford & Sons set is a dilemma all festival-goers face. This year, Vodafone has developed Smart Fabric technology to keep our gadgets charged at festivals just through using your body heat and movement.


Called the Power Shorts and Recharge Sleeping Bag, the two gadgets were developed in time for this year’s Isle of Wight festival in June. The technology is able to harvest kinetic and thermal energy to recharge devices while you are out dancing, walking or even while you sleep. At the moment, one day’s walking in the Power Shorts can return up to four hours’ battery life. The sleeping bag is much more impressive, adding 11 hours to your smartphone’s battery.

The gadgets will be appearing at other Vodafone-sponsored festivals this year and Vodafone will be trialling the products throughout the UK festival season so keep an eye out!

‘Watch Dogs WeAreData’

This is a really awesome website that ‘allows users to explore London, Paris and Berlin’s digital output in real time’.  The clever website displays live Twitter, Flickr and Instagram posts in real time so you can see what people are posting in that area as it happens. Users can click on certain areas in the cities and discover other really interesting stats such as the average salary per month in the area, unemployment rate and crime rates. It also has marked out points of interest such as public bicycles, Traffic lights and CCTV.

Instagram for Doctors

Imagine visiting your GP and at the touch of a button, they could tap into a community that stores an immense image database that they can use to assist them when diagnosing conditions or potential health risks?


The Figure 1 app has been created exactly for this purpose; the iOS app aimed at healthcare professionals provides the backdrop for the community to safely share medical images that also protects their patients identity through built in blur tools alongside a consent form for patients. This app really harnesses the capabilities of tech today that can help assist professionals in their day to day jobs.

Chromecast: For Bigger Fun

Google’s Chromecast is a device which plugs into your television, allowing users to stream content like web video and music wirelessly from a mobile device or laptop.


The dongle was released last week at an aggressive price of $35 (£23), but its limited initial app support and total reliance on mobile devices keep it well behind the Apple TV and Roku (at least for now). Currently there are no dedicated apps for many major services such as Spotify so users can only stream Netflix, YouTube, and a couple of Google services; so $35 feels about right for the product and at the moment it’s best suited for people deep in the Google media ecosystem looking for a living room solution. The Chromecast is not currently available outside of the US but it won’t be long before it hits the UK.


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