August 12, 2013

Twitter Hotel

Most people want to go on holiday and switch off from technology, and so if you are one of those people then this Twitter Hotel is probably not for you. Social media junkies however should head to Majorca for the ultimate experience to stay in the Twitter Party Suite. By simply tweeting with the appropriate #, concierge will assist you. The hotel is marketing itself as the ultimate place to meet new people; ‘We merge the real and virtual worlds to create a totally new experience. Something never seen before. We connect the hotel and everyone in it to their own social community where they can meet, interact, have fun, compete, experience, flirt, tweet, and much, much more… Every corner of the hotel is designed to help strike up new conversations, make friends and enjoy unique experiences’. It is definitely an interesting concept, allowing vacationers to be able to meet people not just by being there, but also connecting socially whilst they are there. If anything, it is definitely an exciting experiment.

Coffee Kiosk controlled by iOS app

The Briggo Coffee Haus takes orders directly from the iOS app or the touch-screen display on the unit. This gives the customers complete control over their coffee order and you can customise your drinks like you can in coffee shops, by either adding extra shots, having soymilk or flavoured syrup. The coffee is completely organic and fair trade so it is a guilt free buy. The customer can then rate their coffee so that for their next order, it will remember your last feedback and try to make your next coffee even better. This robot like idea is currently being tested in Texas however the companies behind it are planning to roll it out across airports, corporate campuses and hotels soon.

Tapestry lets you create tappable iPhone stories

Tapestry is an online service that lets you create short stories for others to read on their iPhone or iPad. Unlike a traditional ebook, the Tapestry stories are meant to be read in one direction. You tap to go forward and you can’t go back. Tapestry has put together an example story (#itshardbeingtwo) on its website that illustrates the simplicity and elegance of telling stories in this manner.

KeyMe stores your keys in the cloud to make them accessible all the time

KeyMe’s cloud-based key management platform means you no longer need a physical key in order to make a copy. Once you store your “digital key,” you don’t have to worry about lockouts and paying extortionate fees for an emergency locksmith visit.

The NYC startup’s free new mobile app scans a copy of your key and generates a set of instructions that you can give to any locksmith to get a new key from scratch, instead of bringing in a physical key to make the copy. These costs about $15, which is 90% less than a locksmith, would typically charge.


S.M.T.H (Send Me to Heaven) is an Android app that challenges you to throw your phone as high as you can to score points. S.M.T.H uses your phone’s accelerometers to measure how high the phone has travelled from your hand. Catching it, of course, is optional.

So far, S.M.T.H. already boasts 300 five-star reviews on Google Play. One user wrote that his device is still in one piece, but noted, “No Point On Playing This UNLESS Your Rich And Can Buy A Few More Phones.”

‘Bic for Her’ Pens Deluged With Sarcastic Reviews on Amazon

The mocking backlash of Amazon reviews for silly products is a time-honoured bit of anti-consumerism, and the latest product to feel the wrath is ‘BIC for her’ pens. BIC brought us the biro in the 1950s, but finally it has designed pens for women. The pens, which are described in the technical specs as being “designed to fit comfortably in a woman’s hand” with an “attractive barrel design available in pink and purple” have unsurprisingly received a torrent of sarcastic reviews which are growing in number by the day. Check out some of the reviews here.

Greatest Vines of 2013. Check them out:



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