October 7, 2013

Bored on your commute? Play some scrabble.

Mattel is inviting people in the U.K. to a “Scrabble Challenge,” where players will have to create words out of letters tweeted by @scrabble2winUK. The tweets will appear on digital screens on the Transvision rail concourse; JC Decaux’s digital screens at stations around the U.K.

Scrabble Challenge

Scrabble Challenge

Using the hashtag #scrabblechallenge, players can then tweet their words, and weekly winners will be displayed on the screens each Friday. The campaign will also have Scrabble “tile-heads” distributing free Scrabble coasters to rail commuters.

IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau UK) 2013 Digital Spends shows Mobile is up by 127%

The IAB released the Half Year 2013 spend review this morning with some interesting highlights. It appears that mobile has really been harnessed by advertisers this year; with mobile accounting for 14.1% of the total ads spend so far (this is nearly double the 7.2% for the same period last year).

‘The great news is that digital advertising in the UK rose by an impressive 17.5% in the first half of 2013 compared to the first half of 2012. UKOM/Comscore data shows us that British consumers average 43 hours a month online – 1 in every 12 waking minutes – and, despite the challenging economic climate, advertisers spends a record six-month total of £3.04 billion to attract their attention’.

Other interesting insights from the review include:

  • Entertainment and social networks/blogs account for over one third of UK internet time
  • Digital ad spend up 17.5% to record six-month high of over £3 billion or £66 per person online
  • Mobile now accounts for 14% of total digital spend; 20% of digital display
  • Consumer goods overtakes entertainment/media as biggest mobile display advertiser

Snapchat’s: Ephemeral ‘Stories’

Snapchat’s latest invention is ‘My Story’, which in my opinion is a strong competitor to Facebook’s most important product, the News Feed. Users can create a ‘Story’ which is a rolling compilation of snaps from the last 24 hours that can be shared with your friends. Unlike conventional snaps, Stories don’t disappear in an instant after you’ve watched them, in fact, you can watch a friend’s (or your own) repeatedly over a 24 hour period. Holding your finger on a friend’s name starts a stream of every snap they’ve shared to their Story within the last 24 hours.

Snapchat Stories

Snapchat Stories

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, said to the Verge that Stories was first conceived as a way to address perhaps the most common request from users: a way to send a Snapchat to your entire friends list. Spiegel and his team thought that a “Send All” button could destroy Snapchat, and instead sought a more passive means of sharing an image or video with everyone you know. Over the next year they built Stories, which lives inside Snapchat’s “My Friends” page. The final result recalls the early days of Facebook, where the quickest way to catch up with a friend was to visit their profile.

“When you have a minute in your day and are curious about what your friends are up to, you can jump into their experience,” says Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. By providing users with fleeting, pocket-sized “live profiles” that last at most 24 hours, Spiegel hopes that users will feel free to act more like their true selves. “The internet is a timeless void — you put something in there and it’s there forever and loses a lot of context,” says Spiegel.



The app currently allows two settings for who can see your Stories: friends or everyone. This opens up opportunities for brands to harness the Snapchat platform. For example, if a celebrity endorsed a brand they could create Snapchat stories with product placement that any user could choose to watch.

Made in Chelsea launches gaming app

All my dreams have finally come true. I no longer have to stalk the streets of Chelsea to get a sneaky glimpse of that oh so charming, Spencer Matthews. No I can interact with him, build up a trusting friendship and even go on dates with him and other members of the cast in the new MIC app.

Spencer in the MIC App

Spencer in the MIC App

Coinciding with the return of a new series next week (14 October on E4), E4’s Made in Chelsea has launched a new gaming app for iPhone and iPad. The game begins in Kensington, allowing users to explore the area and “progress through” to Belgravia and Mayfair.  As users advance, access will be given to some of the cast’s favourite spots, including a range of venues (including The Bluebird, Beaufort House, Amika and The Henry Root). The app also allows players to listen to tracks from unsigned bands, as well as music synonymous with the series.

Join the MIC gang in Chelsea

Join the MIC gang in Chelsea

Join the MIC gang now in London’s prestigious SW6 by downloading the app here. The question is, will you manage to hook up with your favourite character?

Wearable technologies sales have grown 50% YoY; Do advertisers need to address these platforms now?

According to recent research, wearable technology devices will reach sixty four million by 2017. With sales growing ‘at a compound annual rate of 50.6%’ are wearable devices a platform which brands should attempt to harness now?

This market is currently ruled by fitness trackers such as Fuelband, however it is predicted that smart watches and Google Glass will takeover in the next five years.  Will wearable technology follow tablets and smartphones ‘from single-purpose to multipurpose’? And are consumers demanding such technology?

It appears that a number of wearable technologies have been invested in through Kickstarter and other crowd funding sites in order to offer these innovations to people. One study has found that ‘one in five Americans wanted an Apple iWatch’, a design which hasn’t been released publically and has only been rumoured.

It is definitely worth brands thinking about how they could use these devices as ways to interact with their target audience. However, it is important that brands remember that only consumers will be able to influence whether or not these devices become popular so I would definitely recommend that brands have a strategy in place for when this happens.


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