October 14, 2013

85 year old Insta-Grampa

Recorded as the oldest Instagrammer in the UK, Rex Redstone has been helped to go online through Barclay’s Initiative called Digital Eagles. ‘”The Digital Eagles programme is all about going above and beyond to help our older customers get the most out of being online. We want everyone, regardless of age, to reap some of the benefits of being online, whether that’s saving money, keeping on top of finances or staying in touch with family and friends.’ The programme will see over 3,500 helpers in UK Barclays branches assist ‘first-time or novice internet users to understand how the internet and using the latest apps can enhance their daily lives’.

Rex Redston

Rex Redstone (Source: Telegraph)

Rex has amassed an impressive 4,388 followers and has been sharing photos on his Instagram account ‘from as far back as the 1920s’. Rex reportedly wanted to be helped with his online presence due to family members living in Australia. This is a really great initiative by Barclays bank which is attempting to help older members of the public get online.

A smartphone home screen that can earn you money!

Locket is an android app that was created that ‘delivers ads on your lock screening and pays you for unlocking your phone’. The creators wanted to offer a different format in which to advertise on smartphones delivering ‘high-definition full screen ads’ that can target by location, demographic, age, time and type of device.

It is yet to be seen how effective this new format is, however a number of brands have already signed up. It could work really well for FMCG brands, targeting their audience who are in store with coupons or offers which could be saved to the app.

Twitter’s new bird

A new Twitter experiment called “Event Parrot” will send you breaking news from around the world, via direct message.

1 in 4 sales predicted to be on mobile this Christmas

recent report has shown that the number of sales made on mobile devices has steadily increased from August 2013 into September 2013. ‘The data reveals that mobile traffic is currently converting at 3.42%, which is again an increase from the 2.98% recorded in August’.

The shows that retailers need to be ‘mobile ready’ by Christmas otherwise they will miss out on sales.

Breaking Bad sets Twitter record in US

The series finale of Breaking Bad broke US Twitter records this week as 1.24 million tweets were sent during the much-anticipated final episode, which delivered a series-record 10.3 million viewers.

Breaking Bad Cast

Breaking Bad Cast

500,000 Twitter users used the hashtag #GoodbyeBreakingBad, while tweets from the two main actors themselves, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, generated more than 100,000 retweets combined.

Worldwide and United States trending topics on Twitter related to the show included #GoodbyeBreakingBad, #AMC, #BreakingBad, #BreakingBadFinale, #Heisenberg, #HelloGretchen and #GoodbyeLydia

New GoPro ad goes viral with the help of a kitten

The latest campaign video from GoPro, which features a fireman with a HD HERO3® mounted on his helmet saving an unconscious kitten in a smoke-filled burning building. The video on YouTube has racked up nearly 18 million views.



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