October 28, 2013

#Mamming – embrace the awkwardness of mammograms

This October, lay your boobs on stuff and Instagram a pic to encourage more women to mam where it matters most: the doctor’s office.



#Mamming is a chance for all* of us to show solidarity with the millions of women getting mammograms this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because when a woman reaches a certain age, doctors recommend that she get a mammogram to screen for the disease, and the procedure involves laying her boobs on the machine’s flat surface. (*With a little creativity, dudes can mam, too.)

It’s awkward. But it can save her life. Because when breast cancer is caught early, over 90% of women beat it.

This is a great campaign that takes the taboo out of boobs, and it is way better than those “three desperados men who attempted to raise money for breast cancer by ‘motorboating’ for charity

So get involved now and just take a picture on Instagram and use the #Mamming hashtag.

Vine updates that “capture life in motion”

Vine has announced that it is introducing two new updates: Sessions and Time Travel.  “Sessions” allows you to save your posts for later, which means you can now work on up to ten posts at a time, coming back to them at any time to amend and carry on creating. “Time Travel” lets you replace, remove and reorganise any shot within a clip before sharing it. Now, if users don’t like a shot they can edit it out without having to do a retake which gives users much more flexibility.

These changes are very useful from a brand perspective, especially those who have high standards of quality control or clearly defined visual identities.

It makes Vine more accessible, which will mean a significant improvement in the quality of the content produced on the platform and it is likely to increase the appeal of using Vine as part of brand’s social media strategies.

Red Bull releases footage from the eyes of Felix Baumgartner

Red Bull has launched a video showing first person footage of Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking jump last October which also features visualised data of his altitude, speed, heart rate and G-force stress. His daring journey into the stratosphere, and back down again, saw him become the fastest man to have ever travelled without mechanical help. The incredible stunt also managed one other record – the most watched live event on YouTube of all time, with more than 8 million people worldwide tuning in to watch.

Watch the video now. After you’ve watched that, click to watch the new full-length documentary, Red Bull Stratos – Mission to the Edge of Space, available exclusively at for free.

Instagram to introduce ads this week

Following in the steps of Tumblr by looking to monetise the platform, Instagram has prepared its users that as soon as this week ads will be appearing in newsfeeds. On their blog they showed an example of what the ad would like, which is very in keeping with the usual format but also has a ‘Sponsored’ logo in the top right hand corner which visibly allows users to see that it is an ad.

In order to make sure the ads on users’ newsfeeds are as relevant as possible, data from user’s Facebook and Instagram profiles will aggregate which is the most relevant brand ad to be shown in the newsfeed so this should help filter out ads that won’t be of interest.

Brands including Adidas and Burberry are among the first brands to be launching with Instagram on this new format.

It will be interesting to see which brands use this format well and if it affects users experience of the platform.

The Tablet Market hots up in the run up to Christmas

The Christmas decorations have already started appearing on high streets and supermarkets have Advent Calendars on sale, so even though it is only the end of October, Christmas in definitely in the air.

And Christmas wish lists are definitely in the forefront of retailers’ minds’, especially for Carphone Warehouse as they have just revealed a £49 tablet on the market. This follows not long after Tesco offered a tablet for just over £100.

The tablet market is definitely split in two and it will be interesting to see if these low entry Tablets help to drive Tablet penetration in the UK by early 2014. With the devices being offered at such low prices, they will definitely be good presents for Kids and will therefore open up a new category for children brands to engage with its target audience


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