November 25, 2013

KLM allows you to send a gift from 30,000 ft

Due to a large number of requests from Twitter and Facebook users, the airline KLM has announced that you can now ‘deliver a gift at 30,000 feet. People can select online a gift, it might be a glass of champagne, or a flower, a watch, for someone –perhaps a girlfriend, a grandchild or a business relation, and that gift will then be delivered on board the plane’.

This is a great example of how social media channels act as a platform to converse with brands and can actually help shape brands develop and give the customers what they want.

Candy Crush’s One Year Anniversary     

One of the biggest games of 2013, this app has been downloaded half a billion times.  To celebrate its success an infographic has been created which pulls out some interesting insights about the Candy Crush app. It states that 61% Brits play the game whilst travelling on public transport and that the most popular time to ‘crush candies’ is between 6pm and 9pm.

Is Instagram going to add in messaging functionality?

Over a year ago Facebook acquired Instagram, the hugely popular photo sharing app. After last week’s report of Facebook offering over $3bn to buy Snapchat, there have been predictions over next steps for Instagram.

Now that Facebook have begun monetising the platform, what is next?  Perhaps messaging according to reports. Instagram is reportedly ‘gearing up to launch new private messaging features inside its still red-hot photo and video sharing service’. It will be interesting to see if these changes do happen, as this offers another platform for brands and their fans to engage through content.

Is maintaining your presence on social media is becoming a burden?

Google’s latest patent takes the “social out of social networking”. The technology claims that it can automatically makes personalised responses to posts sent your way. It constructs these automated responses by collecting and analysing your previous social interactions. From there, it authors an appropriate reaction and provides you with the option of using it to reply. Saving you having to think of your own witty response and then typing it out.

Google also claims that this robotic response technology can be used for email, instant messaging or texting, so it’s conceivable that one day we could be having whole conversations with one another via a Google proxy. Despite its potential sophistication, examples provided in the patent suggest it still needs refinement, but it still has the potential to end the ‘art of conversation’.

Pinterest launches ‘place pins’

Users can now create boards around a specific location and add pins to them. Pinterest says there are more than 750 million travel-related pins on the site already. Pinterest has banded up with Foursquare to use its API and Mapbox, which provided the maps.

New App: Su Chef

Su Chef helps users combine the random food they just purchased / have left in their fridge into a perfect meal. The app searches thousands of recipes from any combination of ingredients and can also overlay dietary requirements. If you prefer to plan meals ahead of time, SuChef can convert any selected recipes into a shopping list.

‘Selfie’ named as word of 2013


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