December 2, 2013

Amazon Plans To Deploy Delivery Drones

Prime Air: Amazon's Delivery Drones

Prime Air: Amazon’s Delivery Drones

Amazon could be making 30-minute deliveries by using delivery drones. Branded Prime Air, this new delivery system is currently in development in Amazon’s R&D lab. However, for this to become a reality it would require, a massive reworking of regulations around unmanned aviation.

Prime Air in action

Prime Air in action

Facebook in real life

Are you ‘Facebook friends’ with people that you don’t actually know in real life? How would you feel if they turned up on your doorstop? One guy has tried this out.

It is scary to see how much information people share online but when faced with this in real life, it can make them feel really uncomfortable.

Apple win case to ban Samsung in America?

Apple and Samsung are fighting legal battles dealing with patents worldwide. The new federal appeals court order could lead to an injunction against sales of a host of Samsung devices in the United States

80% of Brits are now multi screening

A study by GAME, suggests that 8 out of 10 Brits now use a phone, tablet or laptop to share their opinions online about the programme they are viewing. Reasons for the trend in multiple screening included 30% of people saying they were so busy felt the need to do all these things at once, while 36% admitted it’s down to the fact they get bored if they only watch TV.

Android Global market share at 80%

Data from IDC shows that Android’s smartphone market share rose to a record 81% in Q3 2013. This figure amounts to a total of 211.6m Android handsets being sold, of which nearly 40% were Samsung devices. Microsoft’s OS saw the largest year-on-year growth up 156% to 9.5m. This growth is due to Nokia Lumia devices, which accounted for 93.2% of all shipments. Apple however, saw its market share decline from 14.4% to 12.9%. Despite the fall in market share, Apple retained the highest average selling price by quite a margin. Blackery has seen the fastest decline overall in the market (41.6% decline) leaving its market share at just 1.7%, compared to 4.1% a year previous.

iBeacons explained

Why has Apple not adopted NFC in their latest models? The Answer; iBeacons. Beacons have been used for centuries, connecting communities in times of war and national celebration, anyone remember the Queen’s jubilee? Now a new kind of beacon is making headlines: iBeacons.

iBeacons is a core-location technology that’s been enabled in iOS 7 to help pinpoint exactly where a device is on a micro level, even if that device is deep underground. Rather than using GPS, cellular and wi-fi to locate the device, iBeacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to look for beacon signals from other BLE emitters.

iBeacons is also the answer to indoor location mapping, as well as also being used to push content to users in apps, based on their proximity to other beacons. Delivering targeted content to consumers when they are in specific areas of a store is where much of the buzz surrounding micro-location technology is coming from.
This means that users will be able to enter a retail store, café etc and find out about product information, receive offers or possibly even make a purchase eliminating the need for them to proactively scanning a QR code or tapping their device.

Google and PayPal are also getting in on the action, showing that this innovation could really be a game-changer. Read more here.

Will data replace religion?

New tracking technologies are giving rise to a new type of culture around the power of information. The Curve Report states that 88% of Gen Xers and Ys agree that personal tracking and documenting web sites and devices have made them more self-aware, and 64% say technology makes them a better person.

Are we using data and technology to add meaning to our existence? This new faith is becoming a religion unto itself, quantifying every aspect of our lives to answer life’s larger questions. Given this opportunity, brands are stepping in to help consumers reach a certain level of enlightenment and give them the tools to help visualise their personal data in new and meaningful ways.

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