December 3, 2013

My Google Squared Online course has finally come to an end. Our last module involved working in groups to create an infographic based around a particular theme. The challenge was to condense vast amounts of data into a beautifully designed and interesting infographic.

Check out ours by clicking here.

To add a bit of excitement to the module, Squared have tasked us with promoting it through social channels and the infographic that gets the most clicks wins. (wins what I have no idea, but obviously my competitive nature means I HAVE to win).

So if you like our infographic, please share it. It’s actually quite interesting. Did you know that nearly 1 in 4 people now use social networks? Yep, that’s right, and out of all the countries globally; the most socially engaged market is China.

85% of China’s social users having shared socially in the past month compared to 58% of Britons.

China not only has 95million users on Facebook (despite the social network officially being blocked) but WeChat which has driven social growth in this market was rebranded from Weixin to appeal to an international audience which has further fueled its growth.

Mobile penetration, internet access and social media active users in emerging markets across the Middle East and Africa are growing at record rates. Social media users in this region are some of the most active in the world. Global businesses wanting to engage with new customers should look to divert some of their online ad spend into these emerging markets. Capitalising now on the rapid mobile, internet, and social engagement growth in emerging markets presents great opportunities for digitally savvy brands to increase their global presence with a high ROI while costs are still low.


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