February 17, 2014

Qipp – the companion for all the things you care about

The Swiss service keeps an online record of all your favourite real-life things and possessions. You can add information to their pages, like reminders, product info, insurance or warranty expiration dates, essentially creating a digital profile for each possession. Users can make specific items public and allow friends to borrow or rent the item, allowing the owners to keep better track of who has their items. The app has several other functions, such as calculating the resale value of the object and a lost-and-found tagging feature (Qipp Labels).

Virgin America launches first in-flight social network

Passengers can download the Here On Biz app before they travel, to be able to use their flight as a social networking opportunity, and “network on the fly”. With a growing following of always-connected, tech-forward business travellers, Virgin Atlantic are offering their customers the ability to connect with one another through their LinkedIn profiles and build or renew their professional contacts. To launch this new service, Virgin Atlantic is running a social media competition #planepitch where users must tweet their 140 character business pitch to the entrepreneur of their choice.

I opted for tweeting this: Sit with @acton & tell him to create a Moshi app 4 entire family that lets children learn through play & accomplish life goals #PlanePitch – after my Google Squared Online business pitch module for Jungo. Read more here.

Instagram publishes physical handbook to inspire brands

The Instagram handbook explains how brands can reach their audiences through visual media by taking you through some ‘best in-class case studies’ such as those from @Disneyland and @chobani. The handbook profiles eleven companies who have successfully posted engaging content on the platform. Check out this video which showcases how some of the best brands on Instagram (@nikerunning@benandjerrys and @imaginedragons) bring their stories to life and constantly connect with their communities. The underlying message from Instagram is that advertisers producing content for the platform should make sure that it fits into Instagram’s philosophy of ‘finding beauty everywhere’.

Twitter tests profile redesign

The new format is quite similar to Facebook and Google+ profiles with the focus on images being the biggest change. This is great news for advertisers, as it gives them more space in order to reach eyeballs with simple imagery. Will this mean that brands will have to rethink their Twitter strategy? Not necessarily – advertisers should continue to think about their personality and ensure that their voice and images correlate in a way that engages fans rather than annoys them.

Messaging app ‘Viber’ acquired by Rakuten, the e-commerce company

Japan-based Rakuten, which owns, is making its move into the ‘digital content space’ through its recent acquisitions of Kobo, (the on demand streaming site) as well as Viki (a video streaming site). The Viber app has a ‘user base of 300 million registered users’. Whether or not the app will have any changes made to it is unclear; however it will be interesting to see what happens this year.

Ad of the day #catandbudgie


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