February 24, 2014

Cara Delevinge posts first ever live catwalk Instagram videos

Cara has made history as she becomes the first super model to upload Instagram videos live from the Giles Deacon Runway show for London Fashion Week. “It’s about to happen, it’s about to happen,” she says before the first video. “Oh my gosh, the first live video from a catwalk’. With almost 4.5million followers on the social network, it is a great way for consumers to access the exclusive world of fashion.

Cara films herself live during Giles Deacon Runway

Cara films herself live during Giles Deacon Runway

Perhaps next year the models will all be wearing Go-Pros down the runway to capture all the action.

Mobile Advertising reportedly four times as effective as desktop

…For affluent people. Supposedly ‘affluent people are significantly more receptive to mobile advertising that the general population’, an insight drawn from a global survey carried out by the BBC.

‘The study revealed clear evidence of the increasing importance of smartphones to affluent consumers, particularly in their working lives and for consuming news, and showed that users of newer top-end handsets were significantly more receptive towards mobile advertising.’

For luxury brands, this study simply reinforces the importance of having a mobile strategy front of mind when planning.

Players can tweet to create new levels in gaming app

Due to be released this summer, developers are working on a game called Dungeon where players can have ‘complete control over what challenges are generated during their own playtime’. #Dungeon will allow players to ‘add new content into different levels such as monsters and traps by tweeting code tagged as #HastagDungeon, creating a whole new experience with new challenges and new rooms every time’.

This takes social gaming to a whole new level utilising platforms such as Twitter in order to help develop the gaming app. For coders it is exciting as they will be able to get involved straightaway, however the creators of the game are looking to open this out to non-coders along the way.

Facebook, WhatsApp $19 billion deal dwarfs the $1 billion Instagram buy 

As you’ll probably have heard by now; Facebook announced its largest acquisition, saying it would pay at least $16 billion ($4 billion in cash and $12 billion in stock) for WhatsApp, a messaging application with 450 million users who pay little or no money for using the service.

This acquisition signals the lengths Mark Zuckerberg  will go to remain as the dominant social network on the Web. Facebook’s Messenger app has been around for some time, but it hasn’t gained as much traction as the standalone instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat.

Facebook has spent a considerable (and somewhat obscene) amount of money for WhatsApp, but it’s getting a lot for its money. WhatsApp has 450 million monthly users and over one million new registered users every day. According to GlobalWebIndex WhatsApp has grown by 175% globally and shown a 230% increase in North America in the last 12 months. This is significant growth that Facebook couldn’t ignore if it wants to remain a leader in the social networking space. Mark Zuckerberg obviously has big plans for the messaging service, as he said “WhatsApp is on a path to connect one billion people. The services that reach that milestone are all incredibly valuable.”

Facebook will now be able to tap into a huge wealth of data about real-time social interactions, especially communication on the go, allowing them to understand more about the fluid dynamics between people in a way that its existing platform currently doesn’t provide. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Facebook use this data to enrich its Custom Audience ad targeting.

Facebook connects UK flood victims with local volunteers

The feature arose out of the UK #floodhack held by the cabinet office and Tech City UK on Sunday. At the event, more than 200 developers from Facebook, as well as Google, Twitter and Microsoft joined forces to devise digital solutions to help communities and individuals affected by the floods. Developers were provided with data from the Environment Agency on a short-term license, and spent eight hours hacking together software that would help the public.

“At Floodhack, it was clear that the biggest challenge was getting people who need help connecting to people who can help,” said Alec Muffett, one of the Facebook engineers behind the feature.

Prime Minister David Cameron voiced his support for the drive by tweeting over the weekend.

Brit Awards most tweeted about TV show in UK

This year’s Brit awards has shattered social media records by being the most tweeted about TV show in the UK, despite the fact that the TV audience slumped to its lowest since 2006.

The previous record holder was last year’s Comic Relief, which had 1.5m tweets, but the Brits were clear winners with 4.17m tweets. There were 2m tweets about the first awards Twitter vote, for the best British video, with One Direction‘s Harry Styles the king of retweets notching up 155,000 for a post thanking fans for voting.

Apple iPhone 6: most anticipated phone of 2014?

The rumour mill is churning about the release of Apple’s next iPhone. The biggest rumour is that Apple will develop its established iPhone blueprint design with the introduction of larger screen sizes.

There have also been reports that the iPhone 6 will pack a Lytro-style camera capable of capturing layered images that can be manually refocused afterwards.

Apple historically has launched its iPhones in the summer or autumn with a release taking place just a few weeks after the announcement, so still a few months to wait until all is revealed.
Can you go on a digital detox to provide water to those in need?

Now in its 8th year, the UNICEF Tap Project seeks to bring clean water to the 768 million people around the globe who go without it. For this year’s campaign, UNICEF is encouraging people to disconnect from their smartphones.

For every 10 minutes that a person does not touch their phone, UNICEF partners will donate one day of water to children in need. All users need to do is access on their smartphone, and when they are ready, set their phones down – the site detects whether the device is moving or is steady to see if it is being used – and then a ticking clock begins.

This campaign is really emotional as it makes the user understand that our addiction to our mobile devices is so insignificant to those millions of people who have a basic need for clean water. Beyond keeping you away from your phone, the site also encourages donations – with as little as $1 providing 40 days of clean drinking water for a child.

The campaign will run until February 28th – how much clean water can you provide in that time?

SO Monday fun: #SingItKitty


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